Patrick Cox and Anandini Dar Named Co-Recipients of the David K. Sengstack Endowed Graduate Fellowship

The Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers University is delighted to announce that Patrick Cox and Anandini Dar have been named as the co-recipients of the David K. Sengstack Endowed Graduate Fellowship for AY 2010-2011. Patrick Cox is finishing up his second full year as a full-time doctoral student in the Department of Childhood Studies. … continue reading

First Professional Development Conference for Early Childhood Education

The Rutgers Center for Children and Childhood Studies first ECE Spring Conference was met with an overwhelming response from the Camden City community. One Hundred and four educators participated in an all day conference that provided four hours of professional development hours for participants. Specialized tracks in infant/toddler, preschool, Spanish and ECE leadership made for… continue reading

Refugee children have dreams too

Dr. Charles Watters (Childhood Studies) discusses his research and work with refugee children in an article posted on the website of the Times of Malta.

Sengstack Foundation Endows Graduate Fellowship at Rutgers–Camden for Nation’s First PhD Program in Childhood Studies

The David K. Sengstack Foundation, based in Princeton, has donated $750,000 to launch the David K. Sengstack Endowed Graduate Fellowship at Rutgers–Camden.  The fellowship will seek to attract and support “the best and brightest graduate students” from across the nation to study childhood while pursuing their doctoral degrees at Rutgers–Camden in the nation’s very first… continue reading

First edition, CS NEWS available online

This newsletter is a real gem, but, as Lara Saguisag explains, “it is not meant to be a one-time effort; the goal is to develop it into a regular venue for sharing experiences, information and opportunities, for celebrating the achievements of members of the Childhood Studies community.” >>> We invite your comments First edition, maiden… continue reading