Faculty in the News

12/13/11 Philadelphia Tribune

Dr. Dan Cook (associate professor, CFAS-childhood studies) offered expert perspective on matters related to child labor during an interview that appeared in the Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s oldest African American newspaper. 
Read the full article at https://www.blackvoicenews.com/news/news-wire/47185-gingrichs-idea-exploits-stereotypes.html.


11/25/11 WHYY-FM 90.9

Dr. Dan Cook (associate professor, CFAS-childhood studies) offered expert perspective on children as consumers during an interview that appeared in a news broadcast about holiday shopping. 
View the transcript at https://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/item/30310-23lftoys.

Dr. Cook was also featured on WHYY with the article: “Rumored South Jersey university merger could drive away scholars and dollars.” View the article at https://www.newsworks.org/index.php/speak-easy-archive/item/30070-rumored-south-jersey-university-merger-could-drive-away-scholars-and-dollars.

11/21/11 Rutgers-Camden Takes Global Approach to Childhood Studies

Childhood studies students at Rutgers–Camden are striving to raise awareness of a global population whose distinctive experiences are often ignored or poorly understood.

“Children don’t always get a voice in our adult world,” says Neeta Goel, a childhood studies PhD student at Rutgers–Camden. “Childhood studies help us focus on a vulnerable part of our society. There are all sorts of issues impacting children and our program turns the lens specifically on these kids and considers them as central characters with a story to tell.”

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11/21/11 Story about our favorite legal eagle

Retired Prosecutor Pursues Ph.D. in Childhood Studies looks for ways to curb gun violence

After a 25-year career in the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, Diane Marano is pursuing her Ph.D. in childhood studies at Rutgers–Camden. Inspired by her work as an assistant prosecutor, she is committed to helping young people achieve better outcomes in life.

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11/17/11 Advance Media
  Dr. Janet Golden (professor, CFAS-history) discussed the history of baby incubators on the boardwalk during an interview that appeared in a media presentation in the “Executive Insight” section of this website for health-care professionals.  View the article at https://healthcare-executive-insight.advanceweb.com/Multimedia/Photo-Gallery/Incubator-Boardwalk-Exhibit.aspx.

11/14/11 Haddonfield Patch

A news story about a donation by Drs. Margaret Marsh (University Professor of History) and Howard Gillette (professor emeritus, CFAS-history) to establish a research fund for PhD students in the childhood studies program appeared in this local online news hub.  Placed by the communications office.  View the article at https://www.nj.com/camden/index.ssf/2011/11/haddonfield_residents_create_f.html.


10/16/11 CS Faculty in the NEWS
  Dr. JANET GOLDEN (professor, CFAS-history) delivered an invited presentation, “Babies Made Us Modern,” at the Centre for the Study of Science Technology and Medicine at the University of Manchester, UK.  She also gave an invited address, “The Many Sciences of Parenting,” at the opening keynote session at the conference on “Monitoring Parents” at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK; a discussion of the conference and her presentation appears at https://www.spiked-online.com/index.php/essays/article/11088.   She co-authored an article, “Fat Chance:  What if an Overweight Woman Ran for Office?,” that appeared on the website Women’s Voices for Change; view the article at https://womensvoicesforchange.org/fat-chance-what-if-an-overweight-woman-ran-for-office.htm.

  Dr. CATI COE (associate professor, CFAS-anthropology) gave a talk in September on “Child Fostering in Ghanaian Immigrant Families: A Measure of Child Well-being in the United States” for the Young Children of Black Immigrants project at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, DC.

9/29/11 CS Seminar: Challenging Children’s Literature
  Dr. Lynne Vallone led a discussion about issues surrounding banned and challenged works for a juvenile audience, including the picture book And Tango Makes Three, which has made ALA’s list of most challenged books in the 21st century. For a review of the book and other contested children’s books, click here.

9/2/11 More CS Graduate Student’s Research in the News
  Patrick Cox, a student in the PhD program for childhood studies, discussed his research during three interviews on this blog examining the intersection of children and literature. 
View the blog entries at https://dotmomming.blogspot.com.

9/2/11 Dr. Clark shares her research on the function of children’s play
  Dr. Cindy Dell Clark (visiting associate professor, CFAS-anthropology) shared her research into children and play during an interview that appeared in a lengthy feature story. 
View the article (shown on the USA Today website) at https://yourlife.usatoday.com/parenting-family/story/2011/08/Advocates-Importance-of-play-time-for-children-neglected/50071878/1.

8/24/11 Martin Woodside’s Research Featured in Local Newspaper
  Research conducted by Martin Woodside, a student in the childhood studies PhD program, was featured in a news story in the Gloucester County Times, titled “Rut
4/24/11 British Royal Wedding & Princess Culture in the US
  Dr. Dan Cook (associate professor, CFAS-childhood studies) offered his research insight into “princess culture” during an interview that appeared in a news story about the interest in Britain’s royal wedding.  View the article at

3/23/11 Video of Interview @ New School
  Dr. Charles Watters gave an interview at the New School in New York on his research on the social and structural issues surrounding migrant children coming via North Africa to Europe. He also examines the role of individual agency in seeking a better life abroad.

3/9/11 WHYY-FM (90.9)
  Dr. Robert Atkins (assistant professor, CFAS-nursing) and Dr. Daniel Hart (professor II, CFAS-psychology) were interviewed live on “Radio Times,” where they discussed their research into the possibility of allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.  The transcript is available at https://whyy.org/cms/radiotimes/2011/03/09/should-16-and-17-year-olds-be-able-to-vote.

3/7/11 HNN.com (History News Network)
  Dr. Janet Golden (professor, CFAS-history) authored an opinion article about the public policy benefits of breast feeding for infants.  View the article at https://www.hnn.us/articles/137038.html.
US vs. Ghanaian Family Laws
  Dr. Cati Coe (associate professor, CFAS-anthropology) delivered a talk on “What a Minor Needs: The Differing Conceptions of US Family Reunification Law and Ghanaian Labor Migrants” as part of a panel on “Children, Migration, and the State” for the American Anthropological Association’s Children’s Interest Group conference, held in Charleston, SC, in February.  She also published an article, “What is the Impact of Transnational Migration on Family Life? Women’s Comparisons of Internal and International Migration in a Small Town in Ghana,” in the journal American Ethnologist.
Dr. Coe is one of five editors for the book Everyday Ruptures: Children, Youth, and Migration in Global Perspective (Vanderbilt University Press, 2011), which came out of a workshop organized by the Working Group on Children and Migration and funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.  She also contributed a chapter, titled “How Children Feel about Their Parents’ Migration: A History of the Reciprocity of Care in Ghana.”

  Examining the ‘Culture’ in Children’s Commercial Culture
  Dr. Dan Cook (associate professor, CFAS-childhood studies) delivered a keynote talk, “Examining the ‘Culture’ in Children’s Commercial Culture,” at the Children and Cultures (Enfance et Cultures) conference co-sponsored by the Association for French Speaking Sociologists and the French Ministry of Culture in Paris in December.

  On Communicating with Kids

Dr. Cindy Dell Clark (visiting associate professor, CFAS-anthropology) discussed “Communicating with Kids: Amazing, Sweet, Cool, Good Guidance from Research” on Thursday, Feb. 24 at Barnes & Noble in Marlton, as part of the Rutgers–Camden Cappuccino Academy series. Dr. Clark’s lecture was featured in the Burlington County Times.


  Center for the Arts curator honored with “Hometown Hero Award”

Noreen Scott Garrity (deputy director and curator of education, CFAS-Center for the Arts) received the Hometown Hero Award from the Campbell Soup Company in January.  In presenting this annual honor, Campbell Soup applauded Scott Garrity’s commitment to community-based arts and art education.  More information about the award is available at https://investor.campbellsoupcompany.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=88650&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1517756&highlight.