If you’re considering a Childhood Studies Major or Minor

What are some career opportunities with a degree in childhood studies?

Please see the brochure developed by the Career Center on possible career opportunities with a degree in childhood studies.

Can I become a teacher or counselor with this degree?

Students interested in teaching in New Jersey public schools should be aware that there are three types of teaching certificates: P-3 (for those interested in teaching preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-3), elementary education (grades 1-6), and secondary (grades 8-12). It is possible to major in Childhood Studies and to obtain the P-3 or the elementary education certificate. Students interested in the P-3 certificate should consult with Ms. Angela Connor (856) 225-6739; those interested in the elementary education certificate should meet with Ms. Sarah Becker in the Teacher Preparation Program (856) 225-6409. Those interested in teaching grades 8-12 should major in a discipline taught in these grades (e.g. mathematics, English, music, chemistry) and consult with Ms. Becker.

A student looking to pursue a school counseling certification should be advised that the graduate Childhood Studies degree is not designed to be a NJ approved school counseling program and additional requirements will need to be satisfied.

What kind of jobs do graduates of the B.A. program enter?

The B.A. program in Childhood Studies provides students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Graduates of the program will be able to communicate effectively in speech and in writing, understand and manipulate quantitative information, interpret complicated social problems from humanistic and social science perspectives, and are widely knowledgeable about children and representations of them. This background prepares students for success for careers in many areas: teaching, social service, youth programming, and so on.

For further information, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator Dr. Meredith Bak at meredith.bak@rutgers.edu

Undecided? Considering a Childhood Studies Major?

We’re always happy to talk to students who are trying to decide if a Childhood Studies major is right for them. Stop by any of the professors’ office hours listed on our Advising page.