Other Childhood Studies Programs

Current Programs in North America

Antioch University Los Angeles

Antioch University Los Angeles

Culver City, California


Child Studies Specialization (within the M.A. in Psychology): “The Child Studies Specialization prepares students in state-of-the-art assessment, diagnosis, and effective interventions with young children, school-age children, and adolescents. In addition to the now-traditional approaches to interventions with children and teens (play therapy and family therapy), the Child Studies Specialization emphasizes both scientific and humanistic perspectives, and supports evidence-based practice in the context of a flexible and integrative multi-modal, multicultural, and multi-systemic approach. Our vision is to approach understanding and healing children and teens by focusing our efforts on the whole child and children’s multiple ecologies: family, peers, school, spirituality, neighborhood, and community.”

George Bermudez, Director
Phone: (310) 578-1080, ext. 305
Email: gbermudez@antioch.edu

Brock University

Brock University

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


B.A./M.A. Child and Youth Studies: “Students in Child and Youth Studies have the opportunity to learn about young people from many perspectives, through differing research approaches, and across diverse topics. Our courses cover such areas as peer cultures, bullying, learning disabilities, exceptionalities, autism, children’s rights, gender and sexuality, globalization, and cross-cultural understandings of childhood and youth.”

Heather Chalmers, Department Chair and Associate Professor
(905) 688-5550, ext. 3191
Email: hchalmers@brocku.ca

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, New York


B.A., Concentration, or Minor in Children and Youth Studies: “The Brooklyn College Children and Youth Studies Program, with an interdisciplinary faculty from the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, education, and related academic areas, provides interdisciplinary perspectives on the individual experiences, social conditions, and rights of children and youth in historical and present contexts. Furthermore, the program aims to understand these complex experiences and conditions in global, national, and local contexts by integrating course content with field-based curricula and research. Through these efforts, the Children and Youth Studies program supports the college’s larger mission to provide a superior Liberal Arts and Science education as well as promote applied and practitioner based skills. This combined focus on academic and applied content prepares students to participate in and contribute to a variety of child and youth related fields.”

Katherine Hejtmanek, Director
Email: eliseg@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Children and Youth Studies Program
Phone: (718) 951-3192
Email: childrensstudies@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Bucknell University

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


Children’s Studies Minor: “The interdepartmental children’s studies minor offers a multidisciplinary perspective on children and childhood to help students achieve a deeper and broader understanding of children and childhood. Children are examined in contexts of culture, historical era, educational systems, socioeconomic class, geographic setting, religious ideology, political and economic systems, and so on. In addition, Children’s studies is concerned with children’s ‘lived’ experience.”

Chris Boyatzis, Coordinator
Phone: (570) 577-1696
Email: boyatzis@bucknell.edu

Lori Smolleck, Coordinator
Phone: (570) 577-3458
Email: lsmollec@bucknell.edu

Case Western Reserve University, Schubert Center for Child Studies

Case Western Reserve University, Schubert Center for Child Studies

Cleveland, Ohio


Childhood Studies Minor: “The Childhood Studies Minor in the College of Arts and Sciences is an exciting educational opportunity for undergraduate students interested in a wide array of issues concerning children and the experience of childhood. This interdisciplinary minor focuses on the life stages of infancy through adolescence and incorporates interests in child policy, parenting, gender, the life course, and the place of children in society and culture.”

Elizabeth Short, Co-Director, Childhood Studies Program
Email: short@case.edu

Gabriella Celeste, JD, Co-Director, Childhood Studies Program
Email: celeste@case.edu

Christopher Newport University

Christopher Newport University

Newport News, Virginia


Childhood Studies Minor (in the Department of English):

“Christopher Newport University offers a multi-disciplinary minor in childhood studies for undergraduates and a certificate program for practitioners in the community. The program is designed to meet the following student goals:

  1. Provide a body of knowledge about children and adolescents combined with skills obtained from the student’s major discipline to prepare for careers in social work, counseling, administrative positions in community programs for children and adolescents, juvenile justice programs, and others.
  2. To serve as a minor for the student who has no career goals in the field but has an interest in the study of childhood. Any of the courses may be taken without commitment to the entire program.”

Kara Keeling, Director
Phone: (757) 594-7952
Email: kkeeling@cnu.edu

Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University

Cheney, Washington


B.A. in Children’s Studies/Concentration Areas in Research; Program Development; Early Childhood Education: “The curriculum of this interdisciplinary program provides a strong holistic background in the study of children, from birth to adolescence. Theory and practice, from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education, form the basis for this integrated curriculum. Children’s studies courses provide foundational and global perspectives of children and childhood. A choice of concentration areas, culminating in a capstone experience and a senior portfolio, allows students to connect effectively with specific career opportunities.”

Children’s Studies
Phone: (509) 359-4549
Email: childrenstudies@ewu.edu

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Madison, New Jersey


Children’s Studies Interdisciplinary Minor: “The children’s studies minor provides students with a multidisciplinary understanding of childhood in human society. Using the disciplinary perspectives of literature, psychology, and sociology, and anthropology, the minor grounds students in an understanding of childhood as preparation for employment in child services and advocacy, or advanced study in the fields of education, literature, psychology, sociology and anthropology.”

David Rosen, Contact
Phone: (973) 443-8724
Email: rosen@fdu.edu

George Mason University, New Century College

George Mason University, New Century College

Fairfax, Virginia


Minor in Childhood Studies: “The minor in childhood studies is designed for students who have a child-related focus in their major and for those who want to explore the topic of childhood. This minor focuses on the study of issues concerning children and their representations, including their experiences in society within historical and contemporary cultures and global contexts. The curriculum fosters thinking about childhood theory, research, policy — and the practical applications of this knowledge to decisions regarding children and youth. The minor provides enough flexibility for students to choose relevant courses in keeping with their primary interests.”

Pamela Watkins Garner, Contact
Phone: (703) 993-4599
Email: pgarner1@gmu.edu

Hampshire College

Hampshire College

Amherst, Massachusetts


Critical Studies of Childhood, Youth, and Learning Program: “The Critical Studies of Childhood, Youth, and Learning Program is an interdisciplinary academic program connecting students, faculty, staff, and the larger community. CYL promotes critical thinking about how children and youth grow, change, create, and learn in the context of larger social structures and cultural practices.

We respect young people as participants in artistic, educational, cultural, and social communities. We dispute traditional paradigms of knowledge production that view children solely as objects of adult values and practices. Rather, we consider the multifaceted identities of children and youth and affirm them as narrators of their own experiences, as social theorists in their own right, and as teachers as well as learners.

We believe that learning occurs in many spaces. For this reason, we conceive of education broadly and consider children’s lives over their days and through the years. We believe that efforts to address the education and well-being of children and youth must be grounded in the complexity that exists across individuals, families, classrooms, schools, communities, and other learning contexts.

Our courses, projects, events, and community-engaged learning opportunities incorporate the integration of methodologies, disciplines, and perspectives. We believe that sharing diverse ideas, practices, and knowledge strengthens our capacity to act thoughtfully and passionately in the world. We support collaborations that enhance our educational endeavors, explore and advance research, theory, and practice, and respect the goals of our community partners. These efforts challenge our assumptions and compel us to innovate and develop habits of critical inquiry that inform our understanding and interactions with young people and the significant adults in their lives.”

Melissa Burch, CYL Director
Phone: (413) 559-5465
Email: mburch@hampshire.edu

Beth Mattison, CYL Assistant Director
Phone: (413) 559-5613
Email: emattison@hampshire.edu

Humber College

Humber College

Tornoto, Ontario, Canada


BA of Child and Youth Care: “Humber’s Bachelor of Child and Youth Care degree program provides you with the knowledge and skills required for in-depth work with children, youth and community development. Your program will be based on the professional practice of child and youth care supported by the disciplines of psychology, sociology, community development, political science and education. The curriculum focuses on the theory and research of relational practice: building relationships to support children and youth in crisis or going through change.”

Katherine Sloss, Professor and Program Coordinator
Phone: (416) 675-6622, ext. 79270
Email: sloss@humber.ca

Illinois State University

Illinois State University

Normal, Illinois


Minor in Children’s Studies (Department of English): “The Children’s Studies minor at Illinois State University was established in 2003 to educate future professionals who are interested in concepts of childhood and/or will be working with children. The program utilizes interdisciplinary approaches to understanding children and concepts of childhood. Core courses include child development and the history of the American family. Students also take courses in Humanities/Fine Arts and the Social Sciences so that they can learn various approaches to both the study of childhood and how children are represented in and participate in the arts.”

Gregory Braswell, Coordinator
Phone: (309) 438-5729
Email: gsbrasw@ilstu.edu

Iowa State University

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa


B.S. in Child, Adult and Family Services: “As communities adapt to changing statewide and national demographics, the Child, Adult, and Family Services major will prepare you to work with people from the very young to the very old. You will help them learn skills and strategies in education, child care, youth development, family interaction, conflict resolution, and addiction/abuse treatment. For individuals and families facing life’s challenge, such as alcohol or substance abuse, immigration, family conflict, and death, finding support can be difficult. Students graduating with a degree in Child, Adult, and Family Services are trained to help people of all ages cope and conquer obstacles in order to lead a better, more fulfilling life.”

Carl Weems, Professor and Chair, Human Development and Family Studies
Phone: (515) 294-9659
Email: cweems@iastate.edu

Pat Walsh, HDFS Academic Adviser III
Phone: (515) 294-8193
Email: pwalsh@iastate.edu

King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario

King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario, Canada


Childhood & Social Institutions: Area of Concentration (three-year B.A.); Honors B.A.; Combined Honors program: “This is the only interdisciplinary program of its kind in Canada.  It combines a unique focus on identifying often overlooked child competencies, a constructive questioning of existing understandings of childhood, and an exploration of the implications of the changing status of children and childhood in Canada and internationally.  We take a critical view of the social institutions around childhood – the home, the school, the legal system, the educational system, etc.  Students will engage with a variety of courses which offer opportunities to deepen their knowledge in the area and will gain skills in critical thinking and social and historical analysis as well as understanding how childhood is experienced by children.  Issues around children’s rights and children’s agency are a prominent feature of our courses.”

Patrick Ryan, Program Coordinator
Phone: (519) 433-3491, ext. 4442
Email: pryan2@uwo.ca

Missouri Western State University

Missouri Western State University

St. Joseph, Missouri


Childhood Studies Minor: “Missouri Western State University offers an interdisciplinary minor in Childhood Studies. This minor is intended for those students who have child-related emphases in their major disciplines, such as juvenile delinquency, child psychology, or pediatrics, or for those who simply wish to learn more about the subject of childhood. The minor will also provide a foundation of study for those students who intend to go on to professional or graduate school in order to study in child-related areas.”

Mike Cadden, Director
Phone: (816) 271-4576
Email: cadden@missouriwestern.edu

Montclair State University

Montclair State University

Montclair, NJ


B.A. in .edu/cehs/academics/departments/fcs/Family Science and Human Development, Families, Children and School Setting Concentrations; PhD in Family Science and Human Development: “Family Science and Human Development (formerly known as Family and Child Studies) is an interdisciplinary field that teaches you how to understand individuals, families and communities from a holistic point of view with an emphasis on social justice. We provide our students with hands-on, real-life experiences through internships and fieldwork. As a discipline, we focus on understanding people and families in their homes, schools and communities, rather than laboratories. Our graduates go on to have fulfilling careers supporting children and families where and when they need it the most..”

General Contact
Phone: (973) 655-4000

Lyndal Khaw, Chairperson, Family Science and Human Development
Phone: (973) 655-3006
Email: khawl@montclair.edu

Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


B.A. in Child Studies: “With a progressive approach to studies that focuses on children and youth, Mount Royal University’s distinctive four-year program emphasizes experiential learning in early learning, and child and youth care. The program provides a theoretical foundation and valuable hands-on learning opportunities in and outside the classroom. Going beyond traditional program offerings, the Bachelor of Child Studies focuses on creating experienced, well-rounded graduates who are prepared to become strong advocates for children, youth and families, or pursue further education at a graduate school level. Mount Royal University is proud to deliver the only four-year Bachelor of Child Studies degree in Western Canada.”

General Contact
Phone: (403) 440-5968

Angie Smith, Coordinator, Practium and Advising
Phone: (403) 440-8906
Email: asmith@mtroyal.ca

Post University

Post University

Waterbury, Connecticut


B.S. in Child Studies: “What is child studies? Child studies is a multidisciplinary field that explores child development and developmentally appropriate pedagogy. The foundational areas of child studies theory and application are social sciences, humanities, and behavioral sciences. As a child studies major at Post University, your broad base of knowledge across these three core areas of study can help prepare you for a new position or promotion in early care and education centers, departments of social services, family resources centers, children’s museums, or recreation centers. This program will prepare you to work with children, from newborn babies to age 8 in public and private settings.

Elsa Jones, Program Chair
Phone: (203) 596-8550
Email: ejones@post.edu

St. Bonaventure University

St. Bonaventure University

St. Bonaventure, NY


B.S. in Educational Studies: “The undergraduate educational studies major is designed for students who want to develop knowledge and skills necessary for careers working with children and families in a wide variety of settings, but do not intend to become classroom teachers.

Educational studies majors develop skills that are valued in the work force, including those that focus on child development from multiple perspectives, such as an understanding of typically developing children, special needs children and the needs of young children; an understanding of planning and organization of programs; and a strong emphasis on collaboration and community involvement.”

Anne-Claire Fisher, Program Co-Chair
Phone: (716) 375-4033
Email: acfisher@sbu.edu

Christine Hunt, Program Co-Chair
Phone: (716) 375-2315
Email: chunt@sbu.edu

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, California

Child Studies – College of Arts and Sciences – Santa Clara University (scu.edu)

BS in Child Studies: “The Child Studies (CHST) major is designed for undergraduates interested in careers working with children, youth, and families in school or community settings. The curriculum encompasses a social-justice, anti-racist, and cultural competence perspective, all constructs that are critical for the 21st century.  As a complement to the curriculum, CHST majors work extensively in local schools and community-based programs.

Pattie Poulsen, Department Manager
Phone: (408) 554-4792

Saint Vincent College

Saint Vincent College

Latrobe, Pennsylvania


Minor in Children’s Studies: “The minor in Children’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study inspired by the work of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media. The minor seeks to enhance students’ understanding of children from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, providing students with a broad-based examination of childhood grounded in the tradition of the liberal arts.

Margaret Watkins, Dean
Phone: (724) 805-2566, Ext. 2566
Email: margaret.watkins@stvincent.edu

UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina


Minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies (Department of English): “is an interdisciplinary minor which allows students to select courses that focus on children’s literature as well as a range of other child-related fields of study, including child psychology, language acquisition, education, pediatric nursing, juvenile law, and the history and culture of childhood.”

Department of English 
Phone: (704) 687-0011

University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco

San Francisco, California


Child and Youth Studies Interdisciplinary Minor: “Child and Youth Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students with a scholarly and experiential understanding of childhood and adolescence. The minor, which is open to all majors, educates students about the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and cultural aspects of human development during the first 18 years of life. It integrates the many child- and youth-focused courses and service learning experiences across disciplines within the schools and colleges at USF to provide a structured course of study.”

Allison Thorson, Program Director
Phone: (415) 422-5703
Email: athorson@usfca.edu

Vanderbilt University, Peabody College of Education & Human Development

Vanderbilt University, Peabody College of Education & Human Development

Nashville, Tennessee


B.S. in Child Studies:

The major is excellent pre-professional preparation for students interested in graduate school in Psychology or Education, in law (e.g., child and family advocacy), or in various health related areas (e.g., medicine, nursing) involving children. It is also appropriate for students who are interested in gaining a broader understanding of children and families in contemporary society.

The major areas covered are: Developmental Psychology, Learning, Research Methods, Language and Literacy, and Families, Community and Diversity.”


M.Ed. in Child Studies: “Solve the most pressing challenges facing children and families today by connecting scholarship and practice through the M.Ed. in Child Studies.

There are two tracks in this program — an Applied Professional Track if you plan to work directly with children and families and a Clinical and Developmental Research Track if you plan to apply to a doctoral degree program later. Both tracks prepare you to work as a practitioner or researcher with expertise in skillfully applying developmental research to real-world problems.”

Nina Martin, Program Director
Phone: (615) 322-5849
Email: nina.martin@vanderbilt.edu

Vicki Harris, Program Director
Email: s.harris@vanderbilt.edu

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri


Children’s Studies Minor (The Center for the Humanities): “In the Children’s Studies Minor, students will learn about children and childhood while drawing on the expertise of faculty from across Washington University. Minors will develop a sophisticated interdisciplinary understanding of childhood and the issues surrounding the treatment and status of children throughout history.”

General Contact
Phone: (314) 935-5576

Wendy Love Anderson, Children’s Studies Minor Academic Coordinator
Email: andersonwl@wustl.edu

Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


B.A. Youth & Children’s Studies:  What does it mean to be a child in the contemporary world? Our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Youth and Children’s Studies uses this question as the basis for exploration into the cultures of childhood and adolescence. If you are wondering how you can engage with children and youth to make a positive change, Youth and Children’s Studies will give you information, research strategies and analytical skills to succeed.

You’ll also take relevant courses in HistoryPsychologyCommunity HealthCriminology and English, and graduate with a deep understanding of the issues affecting the lives of young people in the past and the present, in North America and around the world.”

General Contact
Phone: (519) 756-8228, ext. 5875

Edward Shizha (Program Coordinator)
Phone: 756-8228, ext.5747
Email: eshizha@wlu.ca

York University

York University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


BA in Children, Childhood and Youth: “Understand the human condition from the perspectives of young people. Our program takes a child-centred and children’s rights-based approach to this relatively new field of study. You will explore the many facets of global childhoods from award-winning faculty members and distinguished researchers.

Our interdisciplinary and humanities-based approaches include courses from sociology, psychology, literature, history, anthropology, and human rights and equity studies. You will gain knowledge, skills and experience for working in child- and youth-focused settings and organizations. This program also opens doors to further study, including advocacy work, counselling, education, health and wellness, international development and much more.”

Children, Childhood and Youth 
Email: lapsccy@yorku.ca

Potential Future Programs

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

Some discussion about developing a certificate in childhood studies (through the Department of English)


Critical Childhood Studies Working Group (in the Department of English): “The Critical Childhood Studies Working Group promotes the interdisciplinary interrogation of the figure of the child in the humanities. The purpose of the group is to identify disciplinary assumptions about children and childhood and to theorize the ways in which these assumptions directly and indirectly inform humanistic inquiry. The group is particularly interested in how the figure of the child is deployed to further (and sometimes challenge) the workings of power in cultural practices. The CCS Working Group provides a forum to read and discuss critical texts, to present and engage current research, and to build a community of scholars whose work addresses the child figure.”

Lucia Hodgson, Contact
Email: luciahodgson@tamu.edu

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eventual goals of offering Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. degrees in childhood and youth studies; short-term goal of developing a childhood and youth studies minor

Childhood and Youth Studies across the Disciplines Research Collaborative: “The emergent field of Childhood Studies (encompassing pre-adult phases of the life cycle more generally) is developing as an interdisciplinary conversation among a wide range of scholars. The field augments traditional disciplinary scholarship in sociology, history, anthropology, education, psychology, and other fields. Beginning with an understanding of “growing up” as a set of historically-bound practices neither naturally given nor entirely constructed, Childhood Studies traces various connections and processes through which childhood and youth come into being as categories and experiences. Some of the questions that Childhood Studies asks include: How do our conceptions of children govern what we do to/with them? How do these conceptions vary across time and cultures? How do we conceptualize children’s agency at different ages?”

Kysa Hubbard, Contact
Email: khubbard@edu