2024 Mellon Foundation Interns

Hannyah Alford

My name is Hannyah Alford and I am currently a senior at Rutgers Camden. I major in English with a minor in Writing. The organization I work for is the Alice Paul Institute which is a nonprofit organization that advocates for gender equality and civil rights. As an intern, I have been working on the organization’s social media calendar and creating content ideas for them to post on their social media platforms. Most of the posts I write are centered around gender advocacy, women’s suffrage, and equal rights.

Rashein Chandler

Hi, my name is Rashein Chandler and I am honored to be a member of this inspiring organization where I am working as an intern with Mighty Writers. About me, I am a current senior graduating in May with my Bachelors degree in Sociology, with the ambition of diving into public relations, mentoring and quite a few avenues where I can be of service to my community. My work with Mighty Writers although brief at this moment has truly brought me a sense of fulfillment as I give back to those in need and work with youth of most ages with their creative writing (poetry) and literacy. This work I look to expand on as I become an active part of all solutions.

Joseph Lescht

My name is Joseph Lescht and I am a sophomore at Rutgers University Camden where I study political science, philosophy, urban studies, and legal studies. The partner organization I work with is the Paul Robeson House & Museum/ West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. As an intern, I support the organization’s efforts to maintain and educate the public on the legacy of musician, actor, activist, and athlete Paul Robeson by providing museum tours and working with youth groups and community organizations.

Sany Macias

Hello, my name is Sany Macias. I’m a second year undergrad majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. The organization I work for is Girls Inc. which is a nonprofit organization that encourages young girls to be “Strong, Smart, and Bold”. My Girls Inc. program helps assist with tutoring, college trips, life skills, financial literacy, health, etc. As an intern, I help teach young women and girls things that are beyond the basic educational approach. We teach them life skills, and how to be independent and capable, I am also a student interpreter at the Rutgers law clinic. My professional role at the clinic is to help translate and interpret important court documents and to also interpret one on one meetings with clients. I am also a dean’s list recipient.

Ashaya Young

Hello, my name is Ashaya Young and I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and minoring in English. I am currently working at the non-profit organization, The Colored Girls Museum, which is located in Philadelphia. This museum consists of African Diaspora artifacts and allows black women to channel into their history by learning their cultural importance. While working here I hope to contribute to the success of young African American girls.