Undergraduate Advising

The Childhood Studies Department is committed to providing thoughtful advising to all students as they plan their course of study. All declared majors are automatically assigned a faculty advisor based on the student’s last name.



You can find faculty phone numbers and email addresses on this site.

Appointments are not necessary during professors’ office hours, but it’s still a good idea to drop your advisor an email and prepare for your appointment ahead of time. Review your major requirements on Degree Navigator, Rutgers’ on-line auditing system.

Course Requirements

The department has also created an easy-to-use worksheet to help you keep track of your progress through the Childhood Studies major. If you fill in your sheet as best as you are able, and write down any remaining questions that you have, we’ll be much better able to help.

Remember, while we’ll do our best to assist with all of your academic concerns, you will have to seek out final approval for all General Requirement courses from the main Advising Office. We can, however, be your final stop for any and all questions related to your Childhood Studies major.

Graduating Seniors

In addition to their regular advising, all graduating seniors will have their major reviewed and approved by the undergraduate coordinator. Graduation reviews take place in a student’s final semester. However, all students are strongly advised to seek out their advisors the term before they plan to graduate in order to properly satisfy any remaining requirements.

Master’s Degree (M.A.) in Childhood Studies

To learn more about the Master’s Degree (M.A)  in Childhood Studies, please visit https://dept.camden.rutgers.edu/childhood-studies/graduate-program/masters/

Master’s of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program

For more information, please visit https://graduateschool.camden.rutgers.edu/graduate-programs/teacher-education-mat/ or contact Dr. Sara Becker: sara.becker@rutgers.edu 

Double Majors

Students double majoring in Childhood Studies and another discipline will be assigned faculty advisors in the same fashion as all other majors.


Students who wish to minor in Childhood Studies will find most of their questions answered on the Minors page, but should also feel free to contact the appropriate faculty member listed above. Minors can be declared at any time with assistance of the Advising Office.