The Department of Childhood Studies is pleased to announce the inaugural award of undergraduate internships funded by the Mellon Foundation. The department’s grant, Rethinking Race and Justice Through Childhood Studies, sponsors five student internships per semester for undergraduates.

The Employers: Students should review the listing of Community Partners on the website. Partner organizations are typically community service based, arts and humanities focused non-profits that do work with youth in Camden, South Jersey, and Philadelphia.  Please review the information about the organizations and their work, as you will be required to list your top three choices when applying. 

Click to Review Community Partners

Alternatively, students may propose an internship with an organization where they currently work.  For this option, students will need permission from their current supervisor.

Applications are closed for the spring semester and will open again before the fall semester.

The Work: While the actual work performed will vary greatly by the needs of the Community Partners and the interests and skills of the student interns, we are all committed to ensuring that students do meaningful work, acquire marketable skills, and build professional networks that will help them secure employment after graduation.

The Mentorship: A successful internship requires a commitment on the part of the student, the organization and the Rutgers team that offers support. Interns will benefit from support provided by the Career Services office and the Department of Childhood Studies, as well as their supervisor within the Community Partner organizations.

Academic Credit: Students will receive academic credit ( three credits) for the internship. Once accepted into the program, students will register for credit through the Career Service course directed by Ms. Cheryl Hallman. The course meets remotely and asynchronously to accommodate students’ work and academic schedules.

Eligibility: All Rutgers–Camden Undergraduates are eligible to apply. Students do not have to be a Childhood Studies major or minor in order to apply, though CS majors and minors may use the course for Elective credit within their Childhood Studies program of study.

Work Requirements & Wages:  Students will be required to work 10 hours a week for 12 weeks. Wages are $18.00 an hour. Work requirements will differ by employer.  Some work may be a combination of remote and in-person hours. Some jobs may require work over the weekend or evenings; in all cases, however, employers are aware that students have full-time academic schedules that require their attention. Please review the job requirement to see what flexibility employers can offer with work hours.