Online Groups

  • ACIG-L
    American Anthropological Association Children and Childhood Interest Group.
  • AERA lists
    The American Education Research hosts about dozen different list serves, each related to a different aspect of Education Research.
  • AIFS Alert
    Australian Institute of Family Studies.
    Cooperative Children’s Book Center. This is a moderated discussion list, where topics and issues germane to children’s literature are introduced by moderators and discussed on the list.
  • Child_lit
    The largest and most widely read mailing list devoted to the study of children’s literature. Run by Michael Joseph at Rutgers University-New Brusnwick.
  • Childhoods-net-l
    A small list, mostly picks up posts from other lists and re-posts them.
  • Childhood Studies and Religion Group
    A unit of the American Academy of Religion. The Group’s aim is to investigate the complex and multifaceted relations between religion and childhood, in all their historical, cultural, ethnographic, psychological, ethical, theological, spiritual, gender, class, ethnicity, race, and other dimensions. 
  • children-literature-uk
    The UK list for academic discussion of all aspects of children’s literature.
  • Exploring_Childhood_Studies
    The largest list explicitly directed towards multi-disciplinary Childhood Studies. Hosted by our very own Department. To join:
  • Girls’ Studies Scholars
    This list is for professional academics involved in the formal study of girlhood.
  • Global Childhood Studies Network of Researchers (Hosted by CSCY)
    This mailing list seeks to facilitate networking and collaboration amongst global childhood studies researchers and enable participants to share information about events and publications, explore opportunities for collaboration in research and other projects, highlight their research achievements, share recent research findings, seek advice from others and engage in discussion on topics that are current in childhood studies especially within a global context with likeminded people.
  • H-Childhood
    The mailing list of The Society for History of Children and Youth.
  • H-Education
    Sponsored by the History of Education Society seeks to link participants with shared interests in the history of education, broadly defined as a recognized field covering both formal and informal institutions and processes regarding teaching and learning.
  • MCP
    The Multicultural Pavilion’s email discussion forum on equity, social justice, and multicultural education. The discussion ranges from current issues (such as standardization and high-stakes testing) to equity issues (such as homophobia and sexism in schools) to the sharing of resources.
  • Name-mce
    Website for the National Association for Multicultural Education.
    An academic, interdisciplinary and multilingual discussion list for all aspects of research related to picturebooks from around the world.
  • Realpsychohistory
    Official discussion list of Lloyd DeMause’s International Psychohistorical Association.
  • Yalsa-bk
    American Library Association’s mailing list for info on and discussion about young adult literature.