Centering Black Childhoods – Spring 2024


March 21, 2024    

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Meet the The Matumbila’s and Join in a Conversation with the Creator Zul Manzi

The Spring Centering Black Childhoods event is a conversation with Zul Manzi the creator of the animated comedy hit series The Matumbila’s (

This comedy series is about a Tanzanian middle class family living in the United States and satirizes clashes between the immigrated parents and their first-generation American children in the broader context of immigration, diaspora, African culture and American culture.

Zul Manzi is an all around satirist, indulging in animation and stand up comedy. From stand up, Zul created an animated comedy series titled, “The Matumbilas”, about his upbringing as a Tanzanian-American in Massachusetts. In 2023, the series is one of kweliTV’s first original series to be streamed.

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Centering Black Childhoods - Spring 2024


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