Dr. Lauren Silver published a new article in Children’s Geographies: “Transformative Childhood Studies: a remix in inquiry, justice, love.”

In this essay, Dr. Silver asks childhood studies scholars to look critically at what justice means and what it would entail for differently positioned children, youth, and communities. Silver maps out a concept and praxis of transformative childhood studies (TCS) which involves a remix in transformative justice, childhood studies scholarship, and feminist methodology. She draws… continue reading

Anthony Wright Joins the the Department in Fall 2019

The Department of Childhood Studies welcomes Anthony Wright to the faculty in Fall 2019. Anthony Wright will receive his PhD in medical anthropology this spring from the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco. His research uses ethnographic methods to explore technologically mediated processes of care and communication among young people in life-threatening circumstances, from… continue reading

Dr. Sarada Balagopalan’s recent journal publications

Read Dr. Sarada Balagopalan’s article “Afterschool and during vacations’: on labor and schooling in the postcolony” recently published in the journal Children’s Geographies here. She also participated in a conversation on ‘Global/local’ research on children and childhood in a ‘global society’ in the journal Childhood.  Read that conversation here.