Anthony Wright Joins the the Department in Fall 2019

The Department of Childhood Studies welcomes Anthony Wright to the faculty in Fall 2019.

Anthony Wright will receive his PhD in medical anthropology this spring from the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco. His research uses ethnographic methods to explore technologically mediated processes of care and communication among young people in life-threatening circumstances, from cancer treatment in the United States to political corruption and violence in Mexico. His work builds on concepts and methods from childhood studies, medical and linguistic anthropology, and science and technology studies in order to shed light on the ways in which young people affect and are affected by processes of care and communication in the midst of diverse forms of violence and harm. As an instructor, Anthony is dedicated to collaborating with students on research and civic engagement. He is particularly interested in working with students who would like to go into research or clinical work in pediatric contexts. In the future, he hopes to develop a partnership with a local children’s hospital in order to facilitate this work