Who is eligible for the 2019-2020 Award? Any Childhood Studies major who graduates in either the Fall 2019 or the Spring 2020 semesters. Fall graduates may apply early if they wish.

What does the application entail? Filling out and submitting this application form by the published deadline, and attaching three documents. 

  1. a 100-word statement that describes your service commitments to your community and/or to the Department of Childhood Studies
  2. an unofficial transcript
  3. a writing sample that showcases your best work. Writing samples can be from five to fifteen pages, and must have been submitted for a Childhood Studies course. Note on the paper the name of the course for which it was written and the semester the course was taken.

What will the winning applicant receive? Recognition at the Honors Convocation ceremony held in the spring and $200.

When is the application due? The application is due by 4:00 pm Thursday, March 12, 2020. Submit the application with attachments in hard copy only to Joann Schroeder, Department of Childhood Studies, Room 100, 329 Cooper Street.


Name:  _______________________________________  Graduation date:  ______________


RUID:  _______________________   GPA:  ____________Childhood Studies GPA:  _________


Email address:  _______________________________________________________________


[  ] 100 word statement attached

[  ] unofficial transcript attached               [  ] writing sample attached