Congratulations to Ellen Malven and Abigail Todhunter-Reid winners of the David K. Sengstack Fellowship for 2016-17

Ellen Malven’s research which is tentatively titled “Adolescents, Media, and the Consumer-Environmental Connection”—has three primary goals:  1) to identify potential relationships between adolescents’ consumer and environmental attitudes and behaviors, 2) to explore adolescents’ perceptions of framing and persuasive tactics in media and advertisements focused on consumerism and environmentalism, and 3) to identify potential relationships between… continue reading

New Book, Food and Femininity, coauthored by Kate Cairns and Josée Johnston

Kate Cairns is pleased to announce the release of her book, Food and Femininity, coauthored with University of Toronto sociologist Josée Johnston (Bloomsbury Publishing). The book draws on qualitative research in Toronto to explore the gendered politics of contemporary food ideals and practices, including the pressures surrounding feeding children.