Mighty Writers

Mighty Writers tagline is simple: Think clearly and write with clarity.

It’s served as their mission statement since their launch in 2009, and they continue to provide programs that teach kids to write in an environment that embodies their core values of optimism, resilience and respect.

Interning at Mighty Writers:

Interns at Mighty Writers will work with youth in Camden, NJ, to develop the skills to think clearly and write with clarity.

Responsibilities include:

  • Monitor, guide, assist, and interact with youth ages 7-17 (mostly ages 8-13 daily / ages 5-7 bi-weekly)
  • Assist the youth in writing, homework, and playtime
  • Assist the instructor with print-outs, supplies, snack prep, and student files
  • Chaperone the youth on field trip and outings


  • Experience working with youth (summer camps, sports teams, tutoring, babysitting, etc)
  • Proficient in English, writing and reading / bi-lingual in Spanish preferred
  • Knowledge of creative writing, essay writing, proofreading, editing
  • An interest in poetry, dramatic writing (TV, film, and theater), journalism, songwriting, blogging, copywriting, social media, music, etc
  • Personable, hard-working, self-starter, team player, good-listener
  • Comfortable leading a room or group of kids, knowing one’s voice
  • Patience and self-control
  • Complete and pass background checks in accordance with local, state and federal laws