Ph.D. Candidate Halle Singh was quoted in The Face Magazine within an article exploring girls’ digital cultures

With a glaring lack of spaces dedicated to teen girls outside the judgmental sheen of Instagram and Twitter, where the hell can they go to be alone online? Modern blog Girlhood and Discord might have the answer.

As far as cultural trends go, it’s safe to say that 2023 has been the year of the girl. Barbie finally hit cinemas and broke $1 billion at the box office; Taylor Swift’s bracelet-brandishing Eras Tour became the second highest grossing in history; Olivia Rodrigo dropped her second album Guts, the ultimate cusp-of-womanhood soundtrack. Meanwhile, everything on TikTok became girlified, from dinnerswalks and maths to, er, beer – you get the gist – via clips and montages that held a mirror up to contemporary girlhood.

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