Dr. Janice Stiglich recently published an article based on her dissertation in openDemocracy

Dr. Janice Stiglich, a recent Childhood Studies graduate, published an article based on her dissertation titled Where is the solidarity for working girls? on open DemocracyWorking girls in Peru are doing their best to look after themselves. Will adults support them?  

The Movement of Working Children, Children of Christian Laborers (MANTHOC) was founded in Peru in 1976 by working children who wanted to fight poverty. That mission has grown over the years to meet the concerns of its members as they have arisen, and today it is a multipurpose, solidaric space in which working children gather, learn, and organise to pursue their interests. Children run the organisation. The leadership is elected annually by their peers, as are the adult facilitators who assist with logistical and authority-based tasks. I studied MANTHOC in 2018 as a graduate researcher from Rutgers University. During my time with them I took a particular interest in the girl members, their lives as working children, and their roles inside the organisation.

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