Stories Invincible

Camden’s residents are rarely portrayed in the media in the same way they see themselves and their communities. Much in the way that true journalism must always come from the heart of a story, the story of any city is always within the heart of its people. Those close enough to Camden know that what truly defines the city is an unshakable, unmistakable, “invincible” spirit — and that is the story that needs to be told. Stories Invincible aims to highlight stories from Camden-based journalists and media makers that fill information gaps and serve as symbols of hope — and unite those who tell those stories for a transformative community experience.

The Stories Invincible intern is presented with the opportunity to get involved with the Rutgers–Camden campus and surrounding neighborhoods, and see a new news cycle unfold in real-time. As they shadow the coordination of the Stories Invincible fellows and their respective projects, the intern will also be guided through creating a restorative narrative of their own – one that draws upon the experiences of being a Rutgers–Camden student and reflective journalism.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Shadow supervisor during sessions of Stories Invincible project coordination
  • Use Rutgers Camden campus & surrounding neighborhoods as sources for narrative
  • Theorize what messages the students of Camden in the 2020s need to hear/have to say
  • Create an original article of restorative narrative in the same vein as Stories Invincible journalism
  • Work hours to be coordinated with supervisor