The Graduate School, Camden, awards the Certificate in Data Science to graduates who have completed four or more classes in statistics, data management, and research design (at least three of these classes must be from the offerings of The Graduate School, Camden; the fourth class may be taken elsewhere at Rutgers or the requirements for a fourth class met through participation in a graduate course-equivalent of workshops and classwork).

MA and PhD students can earn the Childhood Studies Data Science Certificate by enrolling in  Quantative Methods Research Design (required course) with 3 additional courses from the cross-listed courses below to complete the certificate program.

Data Science Certificate Program Courses

Childhood Studies (Required Course)

56:163:661 Quantative Methods Research Design

Courses cross-listed in other departments*

Public Policy PhD

56:163:708   Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables

56:163:709   Quantitative Methods II

56:163:718   Data Management

Public Policy MA

56:163:608   Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables

56:163:609   Quantitative Methods II

56:163:618   Data Management


56:163:567   Statistical Models

56:163:565   Time Series and Forecasting

     *Contact instructor or department to determine eligiblity/prerequisite requirements