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Childhood as protected space?

Silence and talk about political violence in the everyday work of Israeli Palestinian and Jewish teachers and mothers

A body of scholarship has examined the impacts of war on young children; yet studies of the ways in which political violence is mediated to young children by teachers and parents – at school and at home – are surprisingly scarce. This paper elaborates upon the discourses and practices – in silence and talk – employed by Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Jewish teachers and mothers, in mediating war and political violence to the young children in their care. While many of these modes were shared by the women, others varied according to the different understandings of their role (mother or teacher), and to their different social affiliation (Jewish or Palestinian) and attendant positions in relation to the conflict. The paper discusses the findings in relation to cultural notions of childhood as protected space.


Deborah Golden is a social anthropologist and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Haifa. She has an abiding interest in the ways in which newcomers to society – children and immigrants – are schooled in belonging. She teaches courses on the anthropology of childhood, child-rearing and early education,  ethnographic methodology, ritual in education, and a cultural perspective on development and the life cycle. She is author, together with Lauren Erdreich and Sveta Roberman, of a recently published cross-cultural study of mothering and education: Mothering, Education and Culture: Russian, Palestinian and Jewish Middle-Class Mothers in Israeli Society, Palgrave Macmillan (2018).

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