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Rutgers will welcome two Childhood Studies graduates back to our campus in November. Dr. Diane Marano and Dr. Marianne Modica made it through the gauntlet of graduate school and successfully transformed their dissertations into marketable manuscripts.

During their talk, they will share their advice and experiences, while also delighting us with a few readings from their books. Dr. Marano’s new book is titled “Juvenile Offenders and Guns, Voices Behind Gun Violence,” and Dr. Modica’s book is called “Race Among Friends: Exploring Race at a Suburban School.” If we are really nice to them, they may even sign a few copies afterward. Food will be served.

The event is hosted by the Childhood Studies Grad Student Organization.

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Date & Time
November 11, 2015
6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Campus Center
West ABC Conference Room
326 Penn St.
Camden, NJ