Monday, April 9, 2018
4:20 – 5:40 PM
Armitage Hall – Faculty Lounge

Join the Department of Childhoods Studies and Dr. Jaskiran Dhillon, Assistant Professor of Global Studies and Anthropolgy at The New School in New York City as she discusses her new book, Praire Rising: Indigenous Youth, Decolonization, and the Politics of Intervention.

Prairie Rising provides a series of critical reflections about the changing face of settler colonialism in Canada through an ethnographic investigation of Indigenous-state relations in the city of Saskatoon.? Jaskiran Dhillon uncovers how various groups including state agents, youth workers, and community organizations utilize participatory politics in order to intervene in the lives of Indigenous youth living under conditions of colonial occupation and marginality. In doing so, this accessibly written book sheds light on the changing forms of settler governance and the interlocking systems of education, child welfare, and criminal justice that sustain it. Dhillon’s nuanced and fine-grained analysis exposes how the push for inclusionary governance ultimately reinstates colonial settler authority and raises startling questions about the federal government’s commitment to justice and political empowerment for Indigenous Nations, particularly within the context of the everyday realities facing Indigenous youth.

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Date & Time
April 9, 2018
4:20 pm-5:40 pm